Political futures market bullish on a Romney run for Senate in 2018

Even though he hasn’t said whether he’s going to run or not in 2018, bettors in the political futures market are sure he’s going to jump in the race.


The PredictIt market is selling shares on whether or not Romney will jump into the 2018 Utah Senate Race. Shares saying he will run next year are running at 81-cents each, while shares saying he won’t are just 24-cents. 

That means according to the current trading, investors think there’s an 81-percent chance that Romney joins the race.

As you can see from the chart, the number of bets that he will run have risen slightly over the last few days.

20171114 Romney predictit Chart

Romney is reportedly meeting with top Utah fundraisers and powerbrokers preparing for a run in 2018

Hatch has not yet announced whether he will run for another term next year. Recently, Rep. Mia Love was overheard saying Hatch was going to retire. Hatch’s office responded sharply to that report. 

Hatch has also reportedly told friends and close confidants he plans to retire. Hatch’s office also pushed back on that report.