Mia Love says harassment claims shouldn’t be politicized (with video)

Rep. Mia Love says the recent wave of sexual harassment claims against prominent politicians should not be used for political gain because it hurts those who are already victims.

Love was on “Fox News Sunday” when she said high-profile sexual harassment claims against Alabama Republican Roy Moore and Democratic Senator Al Franken should not be used as a political weapon. 

From The Hill:

“I think it’s important that this is not being politicized, it’s not being used for personal gain. We have to make sure we’re not going out there doing anything that’s going to further victimize people who have already been hurt,” Love said on “Fox News Sunday.”


“All of these situations are completely different,” Love said Sunday. “I think people need to take responsibility for actions not only in future but in the past. I’m not qualified nor is it appropriate for us to prosecute, judge and sentence in seven minutes we have here.”