American Citizen Awards chooses Utah as new home base

Founded in 2012, the British Citizen Awards is a ceremony that recognizes individuals doing extraordinary works in their local community. Now, the founders of the British Citizen Awards have assisted in the development of the American Citizen Award (ACA).

At 11:00 am on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, a press conference is being held in the Utah State Capitol Rotunda to officially announce the acceptance of nominations for the first-ever American Citizen Awards. People from across the United States are being urged to recognize local people doing extraordinary things for others by nominating them for this prestigious national award. Nominations are being welcomed until March 23, 2018.

“The awards were created to recognize people, from all walks of life, who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on society and whose selfless giving for the benefit of others would otherwise go unrecognized.” – Michael Faulkner, Founder, British Citizen Awards

The American Citizen Award will recognize 50 extraordinary individuals for their selfless accomplishments which positively impact their communities at a formal medal presentation ceremony to be held at the Utah State Capitol Building on May 31, 2018.

The endeavor to recreate in the U.S., what has been so well received in the U.K. since 2015, is a collaboration between The Awards Recognition Bureau (UK), Red Shoes Living (US), Utah State Senator Daniel Thatcher and a diverse group of U.S. Patrons, Ambassadors and Corporate Partners.

“This award is similar to the UK’s Queen’s Honours but is restricted to everyday people whose achievements may otherwise be overlooked. Whether these individuals fundraise for a cause, educate or care for others, excel in their career for the good of other colleagues or perform other acts worthy of recognition, the American Citizen Award platform is a way for America to thank them.” – Lonnie Mayne, Red Shoes Living

Sara Yarrow, American Citizen Award development director, said: “It is inspiring to meet those who are the best of humanity and we look forward to honoring these exceptional people and we remain indebted to the forward-thinking people who have helped bring this to life. Senator Daniel W. Thatcher has been instrumental, and a driving force in making Utah the home of the inaugural award ceremony. We are honored that he accepted our invitation to become a Patron of the program, alongside Lonnie Mayne, founder of Red Shoes Living who is an alliance partner of the program.”

“We are also exceptionally proud of the individuals who have agreed to align with us in our Ambassador program, namely Joni L. Crane of Boy Scouts America, business visionary Lew Cramer, and Ric Cantrell from the Office of the Utah Attorney General.”

In the UK, The British Citizen Award program has attracted support from several high-profile Patrons, including Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, who stated:“The greatest kindness you can afford to give someone is to listen. This organization listens to the citizens of this great country and not only hears the stories but rewards monumental efforts.”

Who inspires you? Nominations are free, so nominate someone incredible in one of the following categories: community, industry, arts, education, healthcare, business, volunteering and charitable giving, and international achievement.

Email [email protected] to request a nomination form, or visit to apply online.