Congresswoman Mia Love urges Senate committee to take action to improve career and technical education

Congresswoman Mia Love joined 236 other Members of the House of Representatives in urging the Senate education committee to take up the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, a bill which passed the House unanimously in June.

This bipartisan bill would modernize career, technical, and vocational education by increasing local control and employer involvement to focus curricula on in-demand skills. By encouraging educators to work directly with local employers to identify the skills needed in the workforce, theStrengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act will ensure that career and technical education programs prepare students not just for their next job, but for a good-paying, family-sustaining career. The bill will also benefit employers through providing the skilled workforce they need to help their businesses thrive and grow.

“This bill is all about giving people career options,” Congresswoman Love said.  “The reality is that not everyone wants a four year degree. I want to do all I can to encourage education in these areas.” 

“At the same time, career and technical education is crucial for Utah’s economy and its future,” Rep. Love continued. “There are 6.1 million jobs that are unfilled in the U.S.  That means there is tons of opportunities in agriculture, IT, cybersecurity and manufacturing, just to name a few.”  

The Perkins Career and Technical Education Act hasn’t been reauthorized since 2006.