National Headlines 11-26-17

Saudi vows new Islamic alliance ‘will wipe terrorists from the earth’ (AFP)

After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’ (Daily Caller)

GOP pushing ahead on tax-cut plan (Washington Post)

As he investigates Trump’s aides, Robert Mueller’s record shows surprising flaws (Los Angeles Times)

Congress confronts jam-packed December with shutdown deadline looming (Washington Post)

Rep. John Conyers steps down from committee leadership position amid harassment accusations (NBC News)

‘Ashamed’ Franken says he’ll return to work on Monday (Star Tribune)

How Trump is really changing things (Washington Post)

George H.W. Bush Is the Longest Living President in U.S. History (TIME)

Trump Vows to End CFPB `Disaster’ With Temporary Head Mulvaney (Bloomberg)

Rising Oil Prices Reignite the OPEC-U.S. Shale Rivalry (Bloomberg)