Local Headlines 12-1-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: It’s hard to attract top research talent at the Point if there isn’t the intellectual infrastructure to fill their laboratories

Beattie to step aside after 15 years as president of the Salt Lake Chamber

As Utah’s youth suicide rates grows at an alarming pace, state could be doing more to combat the trend, new federal report says

Parents taking away cellphones and other devices sometimes preceded youth suicide in Utah, CDC study finds

Report: Trump to cut crucial landscapes out of Grand Staircase and Bears Ears

Sen. Orrin Hatch calls Donald Trump ‘one of the best’ presidents he’s seen in office

Human Rights Commission clashes with Salt Lake City mayor over diversity director’s firing

Deseret News

Greg Bell: Improving public education through collective impact

Op-ed: Abolishing the death penalty is not a ‘defense’ of society’s worst criminals

Jay Evensen: Planning for a good future could get you booted from office

Editorial: Finally, some serious discussion about the national debt

San Juan County sues for title to Recapture Canyon road

Longtime Salt Lake Chamber president announces retirement

Poll: Mitt Romney would win U.S. Senate seat by big margin; Orrin Hatch would beat Jenny Wilson, too

Reports: Bears Ears to be cut by 85 percent, Grand Staircase by half