Now track Utah legislation on Apple Watch

Utah.Gov announced a new Apple Watch update to the Utah Bill Watch mobile app. The award-winning app helps concerned residents easily track bills and receive instant updates as bills move through the Utah Legislature.

“The addition of Apple Watch to Bill Watch is a tremendous opportunity to help people learn more about legislation,” said David Fletcher, Utah Chief Technology Officer. “It makes it just so easy to follow legislation.”

Bill Watch helps Utahns who want to keep up with legislative issues search for bills by topic, legislator’s name, or bill number. The app will send updates directly to a mobile device via push notification. Bill Watch users can create and share lists of legislation with other concerned residents.

Bill Watch is one of hundreds of award-winning services provided by Utah.Gov. Utah was the first state to create a tracking service for state legislation for mobile devices and the Apple Watch.

“We always want to stay ahead of new technology,” said Fletcher. “Creating useful applications on new technology, like wearables, allows us to discover new ways to serve residents of Utah.”

Bill Watch Features:

  • Create and share collections of similar bills
  • Search for Utah bills by topic, bill number, legislator’s name
  • Subscribe to one or several bills to watch
  • Receive push notifications when the bill status changes
  • View full details of the bill
  • View list of bills being watched

Find Bill Watch in the iTunes or Google Play Store to download the app.