Hatch hosting re-election fundraiser in January

Sen. Orrin Hatch seemingly is intent on running for another term in 2018, despite promising that his current term would be his last.

CNN reports that Hatch is hosting a fundraiser in early January in Park City. The suggested donation is $5,000 for families with children and $3,500 for couples.

The invitation is notable because many expected the 83-year-old Hatch, who is the longest serving Republican in Senate history, to announce his retirement from the Senate early next year once he successfully ushers the massive Republican tax reform package to the President’s desk. At one point, the seven-term Utah Republican hinted that he would like to see Romney replace him in the Senate when he leaves.


Sources close to Romney say he would be interested in running for the seat if Hatch were to retire, and several “draft Romney” groups have formed in Utah.


“Senator Hatch holds this event every year in order to gather longtime political friends and allies in Utah. He will hold the event regardless of his final decision about 2018,” Hatch spokesman Matt Whitlock said Thursday.


President Donald Trump is reportedly urging Hatch to run for an eighth term to possibly block Romney from entering the race.