Local Headlines 12-18-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: For reasonable liquor laws, voters must bypass the Utah Legislature

Editorial: Bureaucratic kinks may block the Lake Powell Pipeline. Good.

Editorial: Who wins with lower transit fare? All of us

Scientists say the Great Salt Lake is disappearing, but could Utah residents save it?

Gehrke: Herbert’s idea of charging drivers by the mile has some potholes to address

Utah County commissioner accused of sexual harassment was previously investigated for spanking female students while he was a high school club adviser

After bumping up the child tax credit to appease Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee and Florida’s Marco Rubio, Republicans now appear to have the votes to pass the massive tax overhaul

Rolly: Utah GOP loyalists vote to accept $400K bailout and keep lawsuit on track, but party factions, including the top leader, could derail the plan

She was a teen mother, a high school dropout and an onion-field worker — now she’s Utah’s first female sheriff

‘It doesn’t matter what you say’: In Utah, the agency that investigates job discrimination is so mistrusted that some lawyers go to the feds instead

Utahraptor vs. Allosaurus: How a 10-year-old dinosaur fan persuaded a Utah senator to start a legislative battle over the state fossil

Allegations of sexual misconduct are nothing new in Utah politics — here are 8 big cases from the past

State Rep. Ed Redd says he won’t seek re-election next year

Deseret News

Frank R. Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb: Tumultuous 2017 sets stage for 2018 political year

Mike Lee, Mia Love: It’s time to modernize higher education

Jay Evensen: Why Utahns can sympathize with Trump’s Dennis Rodman problem

Op-ed: Desire and opportunity — both are needed for success

Editorial: Gov. Herbert’s 2018 budget proposal hits the right notes

Report: Utah prison population down, returning parolees up

Supreme Court weighing canyon water case

National Ability Center wants Legislature to support programs for vets

First priority for new UTA chairman: ‘Establish our good name’

Sen. Orrin Hatch slams ‘regulatory acrobatics’ needed for cannabis research


Weber County Commissioner Gibson denies wrongdoing, says he’ll stay in post (Standard-Examiner)

Weber County commissioners shuffled duties before news of a police inquiry (Standard-Examiner)

Funding the Ogden BRT: UTA says Prop 1 money likely off the table (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Summit County tax increase may not be pleasant, but it is necessary (Park Record)

Council unanimously thumbs up property tax hike for Summit County (Park Record)