Who is on the the ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ lists in Utah politics this year?

Christmas is next week, so we asked our “Political Insiders” who they thought should be on Santa’s “naughty” and “nice” list this year.

The two Utah political figures who got almost universal praise and made it to the top of our “nice” list this year were Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, mostly for their efforts toward fixing the homeless problem in downtown Salt Lake City.  

House Speaker Greg Hughes made the “nice” list for addressing the homeless problem as well, but some suggested he belonged on the “naughty” list for his support of President Donald Trump, who is not the favorite of many Utahns.

Other prominent Utah politicos made one or both of our lists this year as well.

We’ve checked it twice. So, read on to find out who’s naughty and nice from Utah politics, and the sometimes sincere, sometimes snarky reasoning from our “Insider” panel.

Naughty list 

Jason Chaffetz for getting people to vote for him, then abandoning them.

Steve Bannon should be at the top of the list for his anti-Mormon dog whistles from Alabama.

Sean Reyes – The obfuscation of records of public business should no longer be hidden. Unfortunately, our AG continues to earn black hole awards for his treatment of the media.

Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves because he has not learned to play nice with his fellow Commissioners and county employees.

Jim Dabakis for being an obstructionist without providing any redeeming value to his service. 

Mayor Jackie Biskupsi for lack of leadership on the homeless issue.

Patagonia for suing over Donald Trump’s decision to downsize Bears Ears.

The entire gaggle of elected Republicans. They do not represent the best interest of the state. Never forget the $5,000 appointments that Governor Herbert, aka “Available Jones” received before the last election.

Just about every elected Republican (except Spencer Cox) for whom silence about the atrocity that is Donald Trump is complicity. 

Particularly bad are our six Congressional members who have followed Trump in a lock-step manner.

Kathie Allen, for being a sore loser.

Margaret Dayton, for running for Congress just to make sure Deidre Henderson didn’t win.

Senator Hatch. While he has done a tremendous amount for our state in his career, he has of late put party and politics ahead of the long-term moral and government institutional health of our country and state.

The caucus and convention system that picked Chris Herrod as the GOP nominee in the 3rd CD.

Senator Hatch for tying up the 2018 Senate race with “will he, won’t he” ridiculousness.

Phill Wright and anyone else who doesn’t know when to give up on the SB 54 lawsuit.

Sen. Orrin Hatch for the awful tax bill that gives crumbs to the middle class and silver platters to the rich.

Jason Chaffetz for quitting when he didn’t have Hillary Clinton to investigate continuously.

Utah GOP Chair Rob Anderson. He is lousy at running meetings for the Utah GOP. He is worse at considering the opinions of others.

Todd Weiler because of his stubborn stance against anything that can be construed as “anti-family.”

Anyone that supports shrinking our national monuments in favor of oil and money.

Republican legislative majority that continues to represent extremes rather than govern from the middle where most Utahns want sane and sensible government.

Hatch, Lee, Bishop, Love, Stewart. For many reasons, but in a nutshell, always putting party over country.

Nice list

Spencer Cox helped lead efforts to help the homeless in Utah as well as the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. He should be at the top of the list this year.

Gail Miller and LDS Church for stepping up on the plight of the homeless.

Governor Herbert – for defending Mitt Romney and standing up to Steve Bannon.

Thomas Wright for leadership in the Republican Party.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox — emerging as the most articulate and passionate moral compass of the Republican Party, as well as a tireless leader for such things as Operation Rio Grande and the 25K Jobs initiative. He’s potentially the most promising leader of his generation.

President Donald Trump, Secretary Ryan Zinke and Rep. Rob Bishop for reducing and better defining Bears Ears and Grand Staircase.

Greg Hughes for leading out on Operation Rio Grande and standing strong with President Trump.

Governor Herbert for sensible leadership and being committed to going to where the facts lead.

Spencer Cox & Ben McAdams because they both represent what’s best in Utah politics – intelligence, integrity, fairness, and wisdom.

Mia Love for being the moral conscience of Republicans in Congress.

Rob Anderson for paying off a lot of James Evans’ debt.

Gov. Hebert, Rep. Love, Rep. Curtis, and Lt. Gov. Cox for standing firm for Utah and conservative values.

Ben McAdams for being an excellent county mayor. S.L. county is so much better managed than the other 28.

John Curtis for showing that there is a place for moderates who collect signatures and that the delegates don’t know best. 

Dave Bateman for paying the Utah GOP’s legal fees.

Count My Vote for giving voters more choice.

The Pioneer Park Coalition for bringing the homeless issue to the public.

Gov. Gary Herbert for standing up to Steve Bannon.

Troy Walker for his offer to take a homeless shelter in Draper.

Spencer Cox, he is playing his role as Herbert’s “helper” perfectly. He deserves the chance to have the top job in 2020.

Lisa Shepherd, Secretary of Utah GOP. She’s the only person on the Utah GOP Executive Committee who is willing to fight for the right of political party membership to nominate their party’s own political nominees.

I hate to say it but Mia Love. She’s getting smarter and braver. She could be a true representative is she starts really listening.

Lane Beattie for his amazing career at the Salt Lake Chamber.

Count My Vote and the United Utah Party. Finally, someone is trying to get extremism in Utah politics under control.

I would say that the folks at Utahpolicy.com should at least get a mention on the list for doing a great job on solid reporting day after day, very early in the morning. Great Job! (Editor’s note – Thanks!)

John Curtis for rejecting Trumpism and winning without nastiness.