National Headlines 1-8-18

Roseanne Barr Says Her TV Character Supports Trump: ‘It’s Just Realistic’ (The Wrap)

Obamas criticized for lavish library plans, including ‘test kitchen’ (FOX News)

Huma Abedin backed up her emails to Anthony Weiner’s laptop after leaving the State Department (Daily Mail)

FBI agents’ text messages spur congressional probe into possible news leaks (The Hill)

Trump greeted at Georgia-Alabama game with roaring cheers (AJC)

Prospect of President Winfrey thrills Dems (The Hill)

Oprah isn’t the only celebrity who might have a future in politics (CNN)

Nevada judge dismisses case against Cliven Bundy and sons, says government cannot retry them (Los Angeles Times)

Extreme hurricanes and wildfires made 2017 the most costly US disaster year on record (Washington Post)

Google, Twitter face new lawsuits alleging discrimination against conservative voices (Washington Post)

S&P 500 and Nasdaq close at record highs as optimism on US economy remains (CNBC)