National Headlines 1-21-18

GOP bouncing back in 2018 polls after tax cuts (Axios)

Was Lynch coordinating with Comey in the Clinton investigation? (The Hill)

Senator says FBI lost crucial texts tied to Clinton probe (Reuters)

More texts turned over from FBI agent taken off Mueller team (Associated Press)

Richest one percent made 82% of wealth created last year (AFP)

Obama Mocked Trump’s Political Ambitions. Trump Spent His First Year Dismantling Obama’s Legacy (Daily Caller)

Pence arrives in Israel as Trump’s Jerusalem move reverberates (AFP)

Jordan’s king tells Pence U.S. must rebuild trust after Jerusalem decision (Reuters)

Day 3 of government shutdown ends with no deal; vote pushed to Monday (NBC News)

As federal shutdown continues, states bail out Lady Liberty, Grand Canyon (Washington Post)

Could Amazon’s new headquarters flip the presidential vote in a swing state? (Washington Post)