Legislature may create a commission to help create good fathers

Watch out deadbeat dads, or fathers who aren’t really interested in being fathers.

Rep. Mike Winder, R-West Valley, has introduced HB207, a bill that would set up a 20-member Fatherhood and Healthy Relationship Commission.

The state, of course, already has a recovery services agency which goes after fathers who are not paying court-ordered child support for their children.

But Winder wants to take the responsibilities of fatherhood a step further – a commission whose goal is to foster good dads, who will not only pay their child support but be otherwise involved in their children(s) lives – even if they are married to the mother, married to someone else, or single.

Winder will start funding the new commission modestly – only $9,000 to get it up and running.

The commission can go after federal grants, or private grants or monies.

Whatever the commission raises will, under the bill, be placed in a restricted account – for the commission’s use only and can’t be raided by lawmakers to spend on something else.