Sutherland Institute announces new president

Sutherland Institute announced Rick Larsen as its new president. Larsen succeeds former president Boyd Matheson, who recently announced his departure. 

“Rick is uniquely prepared and perfectly positioned to lead Sutherland Institute into an exciting and high-impact future,” Matheson said. “He is a trusted executive who knows how to inspire and lead people, organizations and communities from dreaming dreams to designing a better world and delivering extraordinary results.”

Stan Swim, chairman of the Board of Trustees, added, “Rick’s experience in the nonprofit and private sectors positions him to carry out Sutherland’s vision, expanding its reach and impact across our community. This past year he led Sutherland’s development and communications efforts, with compelling results. He understands intuitively how to applySutherland’s principles to meet community needs. We look forward to the undoubted successes he will bring as head of our phenomenal team.”

Larsen said, “Sutherland’s focus on civil dialogue and principle-driven solutions promises to influence the kind of public policy that takes us nearer to real solutions. Americans are the most generous nation on earth; we donate to charities, to candidates, to campaigns. We do so with the hope of creating better lives for our families and communities. However, years working in the social sector created a realization in me that generosity is necessary, but not enough. Real change only occurs when local communities engage, government takes its proper role, and citizens demand sound public policy. With this philosophy at the forefront of my mind, I humbly look forward to filling my new role at Sutherland.”  Larsen came to Sutherland with more than 30 years of experience in media, management and the nonprofit sector. He was chief development officer for United Way of Salt Lake before taking a development and communications role atSutherland. He spent a decade in the entertainment industry creating funding and content for family films, television and events. As a consultant, he provided strategic guidance to a wide range of endeavors including ballot initiatives, gubernatorial campaigns, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations interested in more effective philanthropy. As president of Operation Kids, he saw firsthand many of humankind’s most pressing needs. From post-Katrina New Orleans to South African refugee camps to post-tsunami Thailand, he traveled and worked between state and federal agencies as well as community organizations, and came to understand the powerful connection between principled public policy and its resulting social outcomes.

Larsen is available for meetings and potential collaboration beginning in February.