Stewart: The fact that Trump didn’t fire Mueller shows ‘process worked’ (with video)

Rep. Chris Stewart went on CNN Thursday night to respond to the bombshell New York Times report that President Trump ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller in June.

The Times’ story says Trump raised concerns about possible conflicts of interest for Mueller, and ordered White House counsel Don McGahan threatened to quit if Trump moved forward. Trump relented.

Rep. Stewart told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but the fact that Trump was unable to fire Mueller proves that the people around President Trump “did what they needed to do” and that the process works.

“But it would also show that the process worked, that the people and the organization around the President did what they needed to do and that the outcome was actually the right outcome and that was Mr. Mueller wasn’t fired,” he said. 

“Maybe the President was angry, maybe he was frustrated, maybe for a moment he suggested this. We just don’t know. If he did, his instincts were wrong, but the people around him protected from those instincts. And once again, the investigation went forward as it should, and I think the process served the President.”