Local Headlines 1-29-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: A flawed Census could hurt Utah’s rural areas and marginalized communities

Op-ed: Allowing development in Big and Little Cottonwood canyons would destroy a legacy — and our precious water

Utah Representatives: We don’t support recreational marijuana — but stigma shouldn‘t stall scientific research into its effects

Editorial: Two (small) ways to fight poverty in Utah

Utah spent $33 million on a pipeline application it never finished. The feds approved it anyway.

Voters in Utah might be OK with lawmakers raising their gas taxes to pay for roads, new poll finds

New Mormon leadership takes its first public stance, calls on Congress to make room for ‘Dreamers’

What happens when a person in crisis calls a suicide hotline and no one answers? House OKs bill to prevent that.

‘You can call me a whore, but, dude, you cannot call me cheap’: Utah Rep. Chris Stewart responds to mean tweets

Spencer Cox returns to his No. 2 post after two hours as Utah’s governor, but we’ll always have the tweets

In a reversal that will end years of secrecy, Utah’s county jail guidelines will be made public

Should Utah allow higher-alcohol beer in grocery stores? Utahns are split.

A bill to tweak the Utah Public Meetings Act for some counties doesn’t make it far

Utah lawmakers, lobbyists and visitors to the state Capitol are blocked from websites related to alcohol, tobacco — and cream soda

Two-thirds of Salt Lake City’s roads are rated poor or worse. Here are the worst, and what it would cost to fix them all.

Utah leaders never disclosed an $860M estimate to build a new prison and now costs for the project are rising

Gehrke: Utah lawmakers should listen to the pros and stop considering themselves ‘constitutional scholars’

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Utah government rocks; fed government stinks

Ralph Becker: What it takes to be a successful elected leader

Op-ed: Utah-led initiative is making more affordable medications

Op-ed: Raising the minimum wage makes sense for Utah’s Navajo Nation

Editorial: Celebrating the collaborative efforts in Utah

LDS Church statement on DACA calls for ‘hope and opportunity’

Utah House passes ‘Hannah’s Bill’ to ensure suicide crisis lines staffed 24/7

Tax windfall generating legislative plans for extra revenue

Lawmakers considering 2 more bills related to Gary Ott controversy

Herbert made light of surgery; Lt. Gov. Cox briefly took charge

House panel OKs bill to make political emails on government accounts public records

Utah opioid bills take aim at access, doctor education

Mayor embraces ‘new localism,’ shifting power to ‘problem solvers’

Medicaid expansion likely to make another appearance at the Utah Legislature

2018 Legislature will offer smorgasbord of environmental issues

Lawmakers take aim at water law reforms


New bill would ban phone calls while driving, unless with hands-free devices (Standard-Examiner)

Valley lawmakers hold first town hall of 2018 (Logan Herald Journal)