National Headlines 1-31-18

Viewers approve of Trump’s first State of the Union address (CBS News)

Americans are turning against Trump-hating celebrities and buying into the President’s American dream (Daily Mail)

Is television heading for ‘dump on Trump’ overload? (The Hill)

ICE chief rips DC politicians: ‘Sick and tired’ of them trashing border cops (Washington Examiner)

John Kelly to California teacher who bashed military: ‘Go to hell’ (USA Today)

In New York, Gun Owners Balk At New Handgun Database (NPR)

Dow ends January with a rally, extends winning streak (FOX News)

Trump’s First Year Saw Americans’ Compensation Rise At Fastest Pace Since 2008 (ZeroHedge)

Private payrolls grow by 234,000 in January, vs 185,000 expected (CNBC)

California looks deeper into a taxpayer-backed bank for cannabis industry (Cannabist)

Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged (New York Times)