Local Headlines 2-9-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Robert Gehrke is wrong — there are more than three powerful women in Utah

Editorial: The Legislature should leave the surrogacy law alone

Utah Board of Education member calls attempt to repeal board authority over new charter schools ‘unconstitutional’

Utah Rep. Jon Stanard, accused of meeting call girl for sex, used public money for hotel rooms

Effective date for Utah’s tough new drunken driving law could be pushed back four years

Mormon bishops told ex-wives of former Hatch, White House staffer to consider his ‘career ambitions’ when they reported his physical abuse, they say

Judiciary Committee approves controversial nominee for Utah’s federal court

Document suggests state Rep. Norm Thurston was punished for a pattern of misconduct

Utahns spoke loudly against recording bill supported by the Salt Lake Chamber and Mormon church, so lawmakers have dropped it

House rejects bid to dump Utah election law that lets candidates both woo delegates and gather signatures to get on the primary ballot

Utah Legislature votes to cut back the number of days fireworks are legal and raise penalties for scofflaws

Bill to make clear that breast-feeding in public is legal makes some Utah lawmakers uncomfortable

Citing ‘unethical’ practices, Utah senator pushes bill that would prohibit police departments from giving officers ticket and arrest quotas

House rejects bill to require teens accused of murdering police to be tried as adults

Deseret News

Mike Lee: ‘Children with special needs not only deserve special love, they give it’

Jay Evensen: The other side of Medicaid expansion

News report says resigned Utah lawmaker hired escort

Two bills to significantly affect voting in Utah

Bill intended to streamline teaching licenses sails through committee

Hearing delayed on Utah bill making it a crime to record conversations without consent

House proposal seeks no drone zone around Utah prisons

Utah bill would force ISPs to raise awareness of porn filtering services

Legislature, Lt. Gov. honor 40 graduates of program training women to run for office

Bill would ban policing quotas in Utah

A $6,200 teacher pay raise? Utah House GOP caucus raises prospect

Lawmakers split on noncompete bill but push it forward

Salt Lake City welcomes new ambassadors to serve downtown areas

Zinke to visit Salt Lake expo Friday for ‘major’ conservation announcement

Salt Lake lawmaker seeks $300,000 for opioid prevention curriculum for middle, high schools

Utah House rejects bill letting political parties limit candidate nomination options