CYBER 24 podcast: Dangers of the dark web

The internet is widely considered to be a place where you can find, well, access to all human knowledge – good and bad. In reality, what most of us think of as the World Wide Web, accounts for only about four percent of what the internet really is.

You have probably heard of the other 96 percent, it’s called the Dark Web.

The name sounds ominous and for good reason. Not only is it off-the-grid for the vast majority of internet users, what happens there is some combination of illegal and deplorable – think drug sales, human trafficking and child pornography.

To get a better idea of what the Dark Web is, what happens there, how to keep you family and your data safe, and what law enforcement does to monitor what happens there, we sat down with Vince Kenny, a computer scientist with the FBI and Sgt. Jeff Plank with the Utah Dept. of Public Safety.