National Headlines 2-21-18

Trump approval pops to 48% (Rasmussen Reports)

Trump’s Republican Critics Find Sudden Need for His Support (New York Times)

Sanders Blames Clinton for Not Informing People About Russian Meddling (Free Beacon)

Parkland shooter always in trouble, never expelled. Could school system have done more? (Miami Herald)

Billy Graham, America’s pastor, has died (USA Today)

Franklin Graham followed in his father Billy’s footsteps, but took a right-leaning path (NBC News)

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump Tax Reform ‘Unpatriotic’ (Breitbart)

Newsweek publishes exposé about itself after staff firings (Washington Post)

Pennsylvania GOP leaders ask Supreme Court to block redrawn congressional map (FOX News)

During an epic Supreme Court term, it’s hard not to mythicize the justices (Washington Examiner)

Supreme Court declines to broaden whistleblower protections (Reuters)