National Headlines 2-25-18

Fire And Fury author Michael Wolff flees Today interview after questions over Trump’s affairs (

Free news gets scarcer as paywalls tighten (AFP)

California Democrats agree they have too many candidates for Congress. What to do about them is the problem. (Los Angeles Times)

Florida lawmakers call for suspension of Broward sheriff after Parkland massacre as he defends ‘amazing leadership’ (Chicago Tribune)

Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Public-Sector Unions (Wall Street Journal)

California Democrats deny Sen. Feinstein an endorsement (CNN)

Ivanka Trump: Arming teachers an option that ‘needs to be discussed’ (NBC News)

Lines Out the Door and Strong Sales at Tampa Gun Show (New York Times)

White House Legal Team Considers Ways Trump Could Testify Before Mueller (Wall Street Journal)

Glenn Beck: Divisions in US reminiscent of Germany in 1920s (The Hill)

Ranchers set to fight back against vegetarian ‘fake meat’ (USA Today)