National Headlines 3-6-18

North Korea says it’s willing to hold talks with US and halt nuclear pursuit while negotiations last (Reuters)

The Catastrophic Success of #MeToo (Weekly Standard)

Gowdy, Goodlatte demand appointment of special counsel, citing FISA abuses (FOX News)

TV vs. Trump in 2018: Lots of Russia, and 91% Negative Coverage (Again!) (NewsBusters)

Man becomes first person convicted of sexism under new Belgian law (Independent)

Trump Administration Sues California Over Immigration Laws (New York Times)

Ted Cruz calls out challenger Beto O’Rourke in a sign of a tough fight to come in Texas (Washington Post)

Democrats fail to mend split over rolling back Dodd-Frank financial regulations (Los Angeles Times)

The FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal: The End Of The Internet Or A Path To A Legislative Compromise? (Forbes)

The U.S.-China Rivalry is, more than ever, a fight over tech (New York Times)

Gun maker American Outdoor Brands: We won’t be pushed into ‘politically motivated’ actions (CNNMoney)