Senate President Wayne Niederhauser not running for re-election

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser announced Wednesday morning he would not be seeking re-election in 2018.

Previously, Niederhauser said he would not seek a 4th term as Senate President, but had said numerous times he was planning on running for re-election later this year.

In an email statement released to the media, Niederhauser said he changed his mind during the 2018 session.

Until very recently, I intended to seek re-election to the Utah Senate. However, as this last legislative session concluded I began to question that decision. For the last few days I have carefully evaluated the pros and cons of seeking another term in office. The pros outnumbered the cons almost three to one. While on paper the decision seemed obvious, an inner voice said, “this is the very reason you shouldn’t run for office again.” This message may seem confusing, but to me the meaning is clear: when you begin to think you are even a little indispensable, it is time to step away.

Niederhauser is the fifth Senator to announce they were leaving that body. He joins fellow Republicans Howard Stephenson, Kevin Van Tassell, and Pete Knudson in not seeking re-election. Democrat Jim Dabakis is also not running for another term.