Down goes Stewart! Down goes Stewart! ‘Political Power’ poll day #2 results

Day two of voting in our “Political Power” challenge gave us our biggest upset to date.

So far, Democrats have lost every head-to-head matchup they’ve been involved in.

#15 seed Pamela Atkinson beat #2 seed Rep. Chris Stewart by pulling in 78% of the vote to Stewart’s 22%

Top seed Gov. Gary Herbert had no trouble taking down Dave Bateman, founder of Keep My Voice. Herbert got 62%.

UTA Board Chairman and former Lt. Gov. Greg Bell knocked off GOP political strategist Dave Hansen 72-28%.

Former Utah GOP chairman and current GOP national committee member Thomas Wright cruised past Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski 84-16%.

Marty Stephens, the top lobbyist for the LDS Church defeated Utah Democratic Party Chair Daisy Thomas 71-29%.

Rep. Stuart Adams pulled the upset over Salt Lake Chamber President Lane Beattie 74-26%

House Speaker Greg Hughes defeated the Utah GOP Central Committee 76-24%.

And, Utah GOP Chairman Rob Anderson defeated Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis 65-35%.

Here’s our updated bracket: