Guest opinion: Millennials & Donald Trump

My generation of Republicans relates to Donald Trump over more than just our mutual proficiency in communicating using 280 characters or less. We love his “take no prisoner” attitude, bigger than life persona, and unconventional leadership.

Millennials were raised in a reality TV culture. We accept roommate fist fights, life-threatening stunts, and scandal, as the norm for characters we watch on TV. Keep in mind, when I was in high school, “The Apprentice” was debuting; “American Idol,” “Survivor,” “Lost,” and “The Bachelor” were must-watch TV. What older generations might call Trump’s outrageous Twitter antics, we call regular MTV after-school programming.

I like to envision Trump kicking back in the White House residence for a little “Netflix & chill” while the strong admonition from his staff to take just one night off from Twitter is still ringing in his ears. Then the leader of the free world, with his iconic smug expression says to himself, “I’m still gonna send it,” and fires off another fire tweet. (Mom, if you didn’t get that joke watch thisviral video. It’s YouTube gold!)

Millennials dream big. For us, the sky’s the limit. Thanks in large part to the ability to launch a business online together with our creative bent, the American dream is alive and well for my generation. Tell us it can’t be done, and we will find a way to do it (probably starting with a quick Google search or YouTube tutorial).

We understand Trump’s rebellious reaction to the establishment telling him how things should be done — pushing the same, tired, broken strategies and agenda that have failed time and time again. Trump bucks conventionality and dares to try something new while telling the swamp, “Hold my beer,” and we dig it!

I am proud to count myself among the ranks of Millennials. We are creators. We are community conscious. We DO work hard, despite what our predecessors may say.

Now before you call us racist, fake news fearful, misogynists for supporting Trump, keep this in mind. We may like his style, but not always his sentiments.  Our support for the president isn’t a blank check of support for everything he does or says. Millennials are tolerant and often have a libertarian streak in our views on social issues.  Of course, we recognize that running the greatest nation the world has ever known is not a reality show.  However, we believe in the Trump style that “you should do you” and “imma do me.”

At the end of the day, regardless of what generation you belong to, results matter and Trump gets results. He tackled major tax reform his first year in office contributing to record highs in the stock market. Because of his leadership, there has been a reduction in offshoring of jobs and investments and even an increase in wages. Whether or not you like his “my button is bigger than your button” tactics, the world now knows America’s red line is not to be crossed.

With Trump in the White House and my peers fueling the economy and our entrepreneurial spirit one gigabyte at a time, together we are Making America Great Again

Renae Cowley is a lobbyist in Utah and a professional rodeo barrel racer. She is a former Miss Rodeo Utah and finished in the top five at Miss Rodeo America. She completed her undergraduate work at Utah State University and earned an MBA from Texas A&M – Commerce.