Davis County GOP still accusing Romney campaign of ‘illegally’ obtaining delegate lists

Even though the Davis County GOP backed off a social media post accusing the Mitt Romney campaign of “illegally” obtaining delegate lists, later that day the party sent an email to Republican delegates making the same accusation.

The email from Davis County GOP Chair Teena Horlacher starts off as a list of upcoming delegate events. However, the second to last paragraph includes the charge against Romney’s campaign.

“On a further note: The Davis County Republican Party has discovered that the Mitt Romney campaign illegally obtained lists of our recently-elected delegates, and subsequently sent emails to those delegates,” the email states. “This privileged information has been obtained in violation of the rules which govern our county party.  As previously announced and per our party rules, the Davis County GOP will treat each candidate fairly by releasing delegate lists to all candidates at the same time. All candidates pledge to follow our party rules as part of their candidacy.  Obtaining unauthorized delegate lists violates this pledge.”


Horlacher did not respond to requests for comment.

On Friday, Horlacher told the Salt Lake Tribune she backed away from the Facebook post that used the same language because “people were going crazy” about her using the word illegally. She acknowledged to the paper that there’s no penalty she can impose against the Romney campaign.