CYBER24 Podcast: Ransomware cripples Atlanta

If it seems like cybersecurity stories have started to pop up in the news more frequently, you’re not crazy.

Although headlines about cyber breaches, hacks, and ransomware are still pushed off the front page by political gossip and other scandals, there is no doubt cybercrime is a topic of growing importance to business, elected officials and the general public.

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, we take a look at three recent headlines you may have missed – but shouldn’t.

We’ll start in Atlanta, Georgia, a city of six million people and a city government of about 8,000 employees. Last week, a ransomware attack forced the city to shut down all of its computer networks for five days. You can read the full New York Times report here. In our second segment we talk about how the government procurement process may be leaving the U.S. vulnerable to cyberattacks (see this report from CNBC) and then close the show by discussing how government regulation of publicly traded companies leaves many CEOs in a no-win situation when they have to decide between cooperating with law enforcement and protecting shareholders (also via the New York Times).

Editor’s note: we also briefly mention this story in the third segment of the show, via Inverse.