National Headlines 3-29-18

‘Chappaquiddick’: ‘Powerful People’ Pressured Studio Not to Release Film, CEO Says (Variety)

Canadians’ love affair with Justin Trudeau is over (Washington Post)

White House decries Russia expelling US envoys (Associated Press)

Jorge Ramos Eyeing Return to Mexico (NewsBusters)

U.S. Jobless Claims Decline to Lowest Level Since January 1973 (Bloomberg)

Sessions: Federal prosecutor evaluating alleged FBI, DOJ wrongdoing, no second special counsel for now (FOX News)

Here’s Hillary Clinton’s blunt response to those who say ‘get off the stage and shut up’ (

Facebook May Be Facing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in FTC Fines (Fortune)

Trump targets Amazon and its taxes in Twitter attack (Washington Post)

Even in Silicon Valley, government is under constant threat from ransomware, cyberattacks (Mercury News)

The IRS Is Auditing a Lot Fewer Americans (Wall Street Journal)