Herbert Approval Rating Highest in Utah, Lee and Stewart at the Bottom

Nearly 3/4 of Utahns have a positive view of Gov. Gary Herbert, putting him at the top of the heap for Utah’s elected officials. On the other hand, Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Chris Stewart have some work to do.

A new Dan Jones poll, sponsored by the Olene Walker School of Politics at Weber State University, shows 73% of Utahns have a “very” or “somewhat favorable” view of Gov. Herbert.

The same poll suggests that Sen. Mike Lee’s favorability has not rebounded since he helped lead a 16-day government shutdown last year. An October 2013 Utah Data Points poll had Lee’s favorability at 50%, with a 41% unfavorable rating. The newest survey shows similar numbers with 49% having a favorable view of Sen. Lee and 37% holding an unfavorable view.