Rep. Stewart receives the 2018 Distinguished Community Heath Defender Award


Dexter Pearce, CEO, of Community Health Centers. Inc. presented the 2018 Distinguished Community Health Defender Award to Congressman Chris Stewart (R-Utah).

Community Health Centers board of directors and community partners will also be in attendance.

“I have had the privilege to visit a number of community health centers throughout Utah,” Congressman Stewart. “They fill a vital need by serving some of the most vulnerable populations in a caring and localized way. I am honored to receive the Distinguished Community Health Defender Award and will continue to use my position in the U.S. Congress to support this essential healthcare network.”

Gerryann Marty, a patient and Consumer Board member at Community Health Centers, Inc. said, “What Congressman Stewart has done for Utah by supporting Health Center funding is going to help thousands of patients and families across the state, not to mention across the United States.”

In Utah, 13 Health Center organizations serve over 150,000 Utahns annually at 58 sites from Cache Valley to the Four Corners area and St. George. These Health Centers focus on minimizing healthcare costs through providing high-quality primary and preventative care and treatment of the whole patient, including dental and mental health services, and connecting them to other community resources.

In addition to providing comprehensive, primary and preventive healthcare, Utah’s Health Centers are working with local and national partners to fight the rising tide of opioid addiction and overdose deaths in Utah and are an integral partner in finding effective and compassionate methods of treating the homeless in Utah. Because of their long record of success in innovation, managing health care costs, and reducing chronic disease, Health Centers locally and nationally have a proud tradition of bipartisan support in Congress.