CYBER 24 podcast episode 25: Inside look at the Internet Security Threat Report

Cybercrime is ever-evolving and the effort to keep up with hackers presents multiple challenges.

Do policymakers fully appreciate what’s at stake? Can they implement the right policies, procedures and technologies before the threat switches tactics? And will the public support spending sufficient resources on cybersecurity before something catastrophic forces it to the forefront of their minds?

These are all difficult questions. On this week’s episode of CYBER24, we sit down with Thomas MacLellan, the director of national homeland security policy and government affairs for Symantec. He has worked with governors and other policymakers to help them understand the challenges they face and how to best prepare to meet it

Each year, Symantec issues the Internet Security Threat Report outlining new trends in cybercrime. You can read the report here. We talk to MacLellan about trends he has seen among the states, how we are preparing for attacks and some of the increasing threats like coin-mining and crypto-jacking.