National Headlines 4-25-18

Ronan Farrow: Hillary Canceled An Interview When She Learned I Was Reporting On Harvey Weinstein (Hot Air)

Liberals need to decide: Are there no genders, or do women deserve special treatment? (Washington Examiner)

Macron Says He Thinks Trump Will Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal (Bloomberg)

From Seattle to Luxembourg: how tax schemes shaped Amazon (Guardian)

Hostility toward journalists rising worldwide, watchdog says (Associated Press)

Rudy Giuliani reopens talks for a Trump interview with Robert Mueller (Washington Post)

Chance the Rapper: ‘Black people don’t have to be Democrats’ (CNN)

Kanye West on President Trump: ‘The mob can’t make me not love him’ (NBC News)

Supreme Court’s conservative justices appear to back Trump’s authority for travel ban (Washington Post)

Judge rules New York City bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat (FOX News)

Joy-Ann Reid’s ‘I Was Hacked’ Story Doesn’t Add Up (New York Magazine)