Rep. Stewart’s language tees-up reopening Wingpointe Golf Course

The House passed H.R. 4, the Federal Aviation Administration Act, which included Rep. Chris Stewart’s (R-Utah) language that restores Wingpointe Golf Course at Salt Lake City International Airport.


“A few years ago, the FAA hooked Salt Lake City’s Wingpointe golf course off the fairway, declaring the contract between the Salt Lake City Airport and the golf course out of bounds,” said Stewart. “Salt Lake City tried to take a mulligan but kept landing in the bunker, ultimately resulting in the closer of Wingpointe in 2015. Working with Mayor Biskupski, I was able to tee-up language in today’s bill to reauthorize the FAA which sets up a chip shot right off the apron to reopen the golf course and put its finances in the sweet spot in time for first tee in Spring of 2019.”

Stewart continued, “It’s a shame that bureaucrats instituted statues in the strictest possible way which resulted in Wingpoint Golf Course facing no financially viable future. My language reverses their interpretation and gives Salt Lake City the opportunity to reopen the golf course for public enjoyment.”