Speaker Greg Hughes statement about the passing of former Rep. Carl Duckworth

Speaker Greg Hughes issued this statement following the death of former Representative Carl Duckworth:

I served with Representative Carl Duckworth. He was a committed public servant who quietly went about the People’s business without pause and never for praise. Carl’s diagnosis of cancer and the attending health complications meant it would not be possible for him to run for re-election. Carl’s exuberant wife, Sue, became our colleague when she was elected to his seat in the next election. That was a decade ago, and this incredible couple have been a dear part of our lives ever since. 

During this most recent General Session, an emotional highlight for the House was when Carl, still quietly battling for his health after all of these years, joined me on the Dais during our Floor time. In that moment, there wasn’t a dry eye in our Arena. 

We love Sue Duckworth and will dearly miss Carl. The House extends its heartfelt condolences. The Duckworth’s are family to Utah’s House of Representatives. We are sorry for the loss that is felt among family and our community as a whole. 

Former Representative Carl Duckworth served in the Utah House of Representatives from January 1, 1999, to December 31, 2008.