Count My Vote hits the mark for inclusion on November’s ballot

Count My Vote has crossed the threshold to secure a spot on the November ballot.

According to verified signature numbers released by the Utah Elections Office on Thursday, the CMV initiative has reached the required 10% of the 2016 presidential vote in 26 of 29 Senate districts. 

However, that won’t be final until June 1st, when state elections officials will certify which of the four remaining initiatives qualified for the ballot.

Utahns have until May 15 to remove their names from the initiative. Organizers for the Keep My Voice group are spending big bucks to urge Utahns to take their signatures off of the CMV petitions. The group wants to end the dual-path to the primary ballot for candidates.

The petition to legalize medical marijuana has already crossed the 10% mark in 27 Senate districts and looks headed to the ballot despite opposition from Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Medical Association.

Better Boundaries, which establishes an independent body to redraw Utah’s political lines during the redistricting process, has hit the 10% requirement in 21 districts.

The Utah Decides Healthcare Act, which has the state taking full Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, has met the 10% mark in 24 districts.