Local Headlines 5-7-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Utah teachers — It’s time to walk to the polls

Op-ed: Public-school teachers are Utah’s treasure

Editorial: South Salt Lake needs to let construction begin on its homeless shelter

Is an obscure school funding tool pushing a trend of one-time bonuses for Utah teachers?

Rolly: So much for democracy — GOP gerrymandering mutes the influence of Utah’s most populous county as Stewart’s raucous town hall shows

Organizers say Utah’s Medicaid expansion initiative has enough signatures to be on the ballot

Count My Vote director infuriated by ‘dirty, deceptive’ robocall asking people to remove names from its initiative petition

On Tuesday, 404 new Utah laws take effect

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Can Democrats win this year in Utah?

Natalie Gochnour: Act now to avoid a housing affordability crisis in Utah

Op-ed: County attorneys are powerful people — choose wisely this election year

Op-ed: How an obscure business law facilitates human trafficking in massage parlors

Op-ed: The Second Amendment was not about preserving slavery

Editorial: Ramped-up civics education makes a difference in democracy

Rep. Rob Bishop favors statehood for Puerto Rico

Some Salt Lake County cities pushing back against a transportation tax hike. But will it be enough?

Medicaid expansion initiative hits every requirement for verified signatures

Groups trying to get Utahns to recant support of medical marijuana, Count My Vote initiatives

Alternative housing could mitigate decreasing affordability in Salt Lake Valley, advocates say

Greater sage grouse plans get a do-over

Hundreds of bills become new laws on Tuesday. Here’s how they will affect you


Editorial: A strong week in the fight against opioids (Daily Herald)

Farmington farm scores win, but future still uncertain (Standard-Examiner)

After Weber Co. GOP convention, candidate selection rules called into question (Standard-Examiner)

Training ground Logan?: Mayor proposes wage increases as city struggles to retain employees (Logan Herald Journal)