Group that helped draft medical marijuana initiative slams LDS Church’s criticism

The group that helped draft the proposal to legalize medical marijuana lashed out at the LDS Church’s criticism from Friday, calling their legal analysis a “one-sided attack piece.”

The LDS Church issued a 31-point legal analysis of the medical cannabis proposal late last week which they said raised grave concerns about the proposal which looks to be on track to make November’s ballot.

Libertas authored a point-by-point rebuttal of the LDS Church stance, saying the Church’s objections are misleading.

Libertas president Connor Boyack said in a press release that the Church’s analysis lacks merit.

“Advocates have been seeking opportunities for several years to present material to LDS Church leaders that might lead to productive dialogue on this issue,” Boyack continued. “We reaffirm our willingness to engage in a discussion in which all sides can be heard and where suffering Latter-day Saints can explain the harm caused by both the status quo and the Church’s ongoing opposition to efforts to change the law. Whatever the outcome of the certification of the ballot initiative, we hope that these discussions can take place and that public statements and decisions can be the byproduct of input not just from a few lawyers, but from Utahns deeply affected by this issue.”