Utah’s business community honors 2018 Business Champions

Wednesday the business community presented the Business Champion Awards to pro-business legislators who stood for the interests of Utah businesses during the 2018 General Legislative Session. 

The Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors recognized the efforts of these lawmakers at a breakfast in their honor at the Founder’s Room at Zions Bank this morning. 

79 lawmakers received the Business Champion Award for voting for the interests of the business community 80% of the time. The designation of Business Champion is directly tied to a legislator’s voting record on the Salt Lake Chamber’s “Priority Votes.”  During the legislative session, the Chamber’s Executive Board designates the top priorities of the business community as Priority Votes. These Priority Votes are traditionally reserved to 20 or fewer pieces of critical legislation. This year, the Chamber had 22.

“The collective ability of Utah’s legislators to plan for the future and find solutions to our state’s most pressing challenges is amplified by the commitment and engagement of the business community. Because of this unmatched collaboration, Utah’s economy remains one of the best in the nation,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “We want to thank our Business Champions for their involvement and their trust.”

In addition to the Business Champion Awards, the Salt Lake Chamber will also be honoring Sen. Ann Millner as the 2018 Legislator of the Year. As a distinguished educator and renowned leader in higher education, Sen. Millner has a deep understanding of the important connection between a robust education system, skilled workforce and economic development. She became a champion of many of the business community’s top priorities during the 2018 Legislative Session by helping address critical workforce needs through innovative partnerships and programs.

View the Chamber’s 2018 Legislative Recap: https://slchamber.com/2018-legislative-recap/