Local Headlines 5-23-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Michelle Quist: I hate initiatives, but I signed the medical marijuana petition

Editorial: Is your city council afraid of the sun?

Why is Utah’s Alta Ski Area pushing for a tram up iconic Mount Baldy?

Campaign rivals cry foul after state agency invites Mitt Romney to speak at its tech summit

Low-profile clerk’s race marred by high-level friction in Salt Lake County. Could it cause hiccups in the election?

Mike Kennedy now says he did apologize — but not ‘on behalf of the state of Utah’ — for rival Mitt Romney calling a controversial pastor a ‘religious bigot’

Utah tax chief: Lawmakers should come back into session and deal with tax breaks for people with dependents

Utah County signs off on plan to lure a major data center — like Facebook? — to Eagle Mountain through tax breaks

Deseret News

Op-ed: Bureaucracy devours funds that could support teaching

Editorial: Scuttling NAFTA is not in America’s best interest

Hatch looking forward to life of retiree, not rumored Australian ambassadorship

Sen. Orrin Hatch aims to eliminate caps on employment-based green cards

A tale of tortoises and transportation in Washington County

Utah County approves deal to lure mystery data center to Eagle Mountain

Democrats introduce bill to counter Sen. Orrin Hatch’s religious freedom law


Utah County Commission approves tax break for mystery Eagle Mountain data center (Daily Herald)