National Headlines 5-24-18

Perez infuriates liberals with Cuomo endorsement (Politico)

A top Democrat is tossing his fellow Dems under the bus to boost his own gubernatorial bid (ThinkProgress)

Trump Is Sticking To His Playbook To Win The Midterms (NPR)

Iowa Democrat Boulton suspends campaign following sexual misconduct report (Politico)

White House lawyer attends start of Justice Dept. briefings with lawmakers on confidential source (CNN)

De Blasio emails show mayor privately seething at press (Politico)

Republican leaders hold off coup on immigration — for now (CNN)

Armed citizen kills shooter at Oklahoma City restaurant (CNN)

The DoJ is reportedly probing the murky world of bitcoin trading (Ars Technica)

Italy’s New Government Will Challenge the E.U. at Its Heart (New York Times)

Trump signs the biggest rollback of bank rules since the financial crisis (CNBC)