Franklin Covey Co. and Mango Media Inc. release new book, Building a Winning Culture in Government: A Blueprint for Delivering Success in the Public Sector

Franklin Covey Co. and Mango Media Inc. announced the release of Building a Winning Culture in Government: A Blueprint for Delivering Success in the Public Sectorco-authored by FranklinCovey senior consultants Patrick R. Leddin, Ph.D., and Shawn D. Moon.

The new book is specifically designed to provide federal, state, and local government institutions with five key practices for inspiring employees at any level to become leaders. It also offers senior leaders strategies for creating a winning culture – a culture in which everyone is proactively engaged in the achievement of the organization’s key strategic initiatives.

The 2017 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government survey data revealed that the level of federal employee engagement was 61.4 percent out of 100, compared to 77.8 percent out of 100 for private sector employees, according to Mercer | Sirota, a survey research organization.

“In addition to the challenges faced by every organization, government institutions today face additional leadership challenges, including increased media scrutiny, reduced funding and the unique challenges associated with moving large, multi-layered and highly-regulated organizations,” said Patrick R. Leddin, Ph.D., and FranklinCovey Senior Consultant. “What is even more difficult is that many government organizations report that their employees are less engaged than ever before and their leaders feel helpless to change the situation. In many cases, employees and leaders are caught in a vicious cycle. Performance declines, scrutiny increases, and employees experience decision and action paralysis. Unfortunately, this cycle is repeated over and over again.”

In Building a Winning Culture in GovernmentLeddin and Moon advise that in order to break this cycle, organizations should embrace the mindset that ‘everyone can and should be a leader.’ This simple, yet significant shift is key to building an effective government in the 21st century.

By leveraging the power of the following five practices, government organizations further unleash the leadership potential within every employee at every level and create a culture that is engaging and rewarding:

  1. LEAD WITH PURPOSE – A compelling mission is the catalyst for engagement – Find the voice of the organization and connect and align accordingly
  2. EXECUTE STRATEGY WITH EXCELLENCE – Discipline is the hallmark of successful individuals and organizations
  3. UNLEASH PRODUCTIVITY – Discover the untapped potential of every team member – Engage people to do infinitely more than they imagined they could
  4. INSPIRE TRUST – Why character and competence matter – Be the most trusted organization possible
  5. CREATE INTENSE LOYALTY – Stay true to those you serve – Create fervent loyalty with all stakeholders

The co-authors discuss the challenge and opportunity associated with building a powerful winning culture within government, and frame the paradigm of “leadership at all levels.” They conduct an in-depth review of these five practices needed to create this culture.

“For years, FranklinCovey has helped government organizations employ these practices, develop leaders at every level, create results and ignite their ultimate mission essential – a winning culture,” said Moon. “We have worked with thousands of work teams and hundreds of organizations at every level of the government. Now, with this book, we want to help everyone who reads this book and works within government to create a winning culture of their own.”

Leddin and Moon define ‘culture’ as the collective behavior of people in any organization – what the majority of the people do the majority of the time; the nature of the language and relationships; and the spoken and unspoken values, norms, and systems at work.

Leddin said, “Winning cultures are filled with superb people who deliver as promised, time after time. In the public sector, a winning culture means that customers go to you not just because they must, but because they know you can effectively provide services or support. It means that they have someone and something to trust. Winning cultures are unique, and deliberately designed and maintained.”

Building a Winning Culture in Government was written by Leddin and Moon to assist government organizations in creating lasting change within their own circles of influence with the knowledge that their influence can grow over time to become truly significant, regardless of the challenges they face now, and in the future.

Moon said, “Leaders are a significant leverage point for any team or organization. What the leaders say and how they behave represents an organization’s single largest opportunity for affecting change. Perhaps you are a leader with responsibility for a team, agency, or division, or perhaps you don’t have any formal direct reports. Either way, you can be a force for change, for creating engagement, and – ultimately – for getting the most important things done.”

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Building a Winning Culture in Government: A Blueprint for Delivering Success in the Public Sector
Co-Authored by Patrick R. Leddin and Shawn D. Moon
| Franklin Covey Co.| Paperback $16.99 | ISBN: 978-1936222-82-4 | 241 Pages