Fox files ‘Slammed’

Our team heads into the summer months slammed with some great projects; several of which have the chance to be game-changers for the communities they are considering.

Our Community Strategy department just wrapped up a successful visit to ICSC and is rolling on several other fronts, including Mega Sites.

Measuring all of this activity, output, and success is a big part of what we do.

This week’s Fox File is a collection of numbers that have been on my mind:

  • 137: the number of new projects in our system this fiscal year, as of Thursday. That’s one more project than our entire FY last year, and we still have 5 weeks to go.
  • 105: the number of active projects under management.
  • 21: the number of cities that joined us in Las Vegas at ICSC last week.
  • $120k: the amount of competitive grant money available to communities to certify a Mega Site next year.
  • $120 Million: the infrastructure investment committed to by 1 massive project we’ve been chasing for a long time. (Click here to learn more)
  • 20: The number of amazing EDCUtah teammates who, along with your support, make all of this possible.