Romney says Trump is not a role model for his grandkids

Republican Senate candidate Mitt Romney said in a televised interview on Tuesday morning he did not consider President Donald Trump to be a good role model.

Romney told NBC News he agreed with some of Trump’s policy proposals, but added he did not like Trump’s “personal style” and some of Trump’s remarks were “not entirely appropriate.”

From Politico:

“I don’t think that I would point to the president as a role model for my grandkids on the basis of his personal style,” said Romney, who is vying to replace retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch. “He has departed in some cases from the truth and has attacked in a way that I think is not entirely appropriate. I think that his policies have been by and large a good deal better than I might have expected. But some of the things he has said are not ones that I would aspire for my grandkids to adopt.” 

You can see the video of Romney’s remarks here.

Romney is facing Utah State Rep. Mike Kennedy in the June primary election to determine who will face Democrat Jenny Wilson in November. A recent survey found Romney with a 43-point lead over Kennedy among likely GOP primary voters.