Local Headlines 5-31-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Data center deal points to lessons learned

Utah wants to put bighorn sheep in more southern Utah mountains, but woolgrowers fear they’ll be the losers

Facebook to build a massive data center in Eagle Mountain, gets a $150 million tax incentive

Sen. Flake opposes controversial Utahn nominated to head refugee program and could sink Trump’s pick

New Utah Valley Express previews future Wasatch Front transit: $1 million buses designed to act like trains in exclusive highway lanes

Long-running debt leads to a crossroads for Salt Lake City’s Leonardo museum

Democrats Derek Kitchen and Jennifer Plumb discuss Operation Rio Grande, education in battle for nomination in open state Senate seat

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Will forcing a vote on DACA signal a new day? Don’t hold your breath

Editorial: Setting the bar for helping Utah veterans find work

Utah Tourism partnering with Airbnb to promote unique Utah experiences

Opposition growing to Utahn’s appointment as an assistant secretary of state

Murray City School District raises base teaching salary to $43,000 annually

Medicaid spending per capita in Utah is lowest nationwide, report says

No surprise: Facebook to build data center in Eagle Mountain

Sen. Orrin Hatch describes his work to get Josh Holt released


U.S. House hopefuls Weiland, Castillo debate cannabis, police profiling, guns (Standard-Examiner)

Logan has 10 months to consider modular nuclear reactor program (Logan Herald Journal)