National Headlines 6-5-18

Seymour Hersh: Anti-Trump FBI is ‘the missed story of all time’ (Columbia Journalism Review)

Bill Clinton issues another non-apology as he tries to clean up Monica Lewinsky mess (Daily Mail)

Cable Fearmongering: Everything Is a ‘Constitutional Crisis’ (NewsBusters)

China Offers to Buy Nearly $70 Billion of U.S. Products to Fend Off Trade Tariffs (Wall Street Journal)

Google’s Schmidt in Cuba to meet new leader (AFP)

Italy turmoil shows banking ‘doom loop’ still a powerful force (Financial Times)

Billionaire conservative donor David Koch to retire from Koch Industries, influential political network (CNBC)

Why there’s so much speculation about Starbucks chair Howard Schultz’s 2020 ambitions (Vox)

There are now more job openings than workers to fill them (CNNMoney)

Facebook says it gave Huawei and other Chinese firms access to data (CNN)

Social Security to tap into trust fund for first time in 36 years (MarketWatch)