President Trump’s approval rating remains below 50% in Utah

Utah remains one of the most anti-Trump Republican states in America. A year and a half after winning the presidential election, President Donald Trump’s approval rating in Utah has not yet crossed 50-percent.

The latest opinion poll from Dan Jones & Associates shows 47% of Utahns approve of Trump’s job performance, while 51% disapprove.

Those numbers have not moved much, if at all, since the 2016 election when Trump won Utah with 45% of the vote. Since that time, Trump has not crossed 50% in the Beehive State.

Utah is tracking slightly ahead of Trump’s approval rating nationally.’s poll average shows Trump has a 41.5% approval rating nationwide, while 52.7% of Americans disapprove of the president.


Why is Trump struggling so much in Utah? Mostly because of a significant gender gap. 51% of men in the state approve of his job performance, while only 41% of women feel the same. 56% of women in Utah disapprove of Trump, while 46% of men do.

Trump’s approval rating has the potential to become a wedge issue in the 4th Congressional District race between Republican Mia Love and Democrat Ben McAdams. Only 37% of voters in the 4th District approve of Trump’s job performance, while 60% disapprove. says Love has voted in line with Trump’s agenda 96.2% of the time. That could be problematic for Love as our survey found a whopping 44% of voters in the 4th CD “strongly” disapproved of Trump’s job performance.

Our most recent survey found McAdams is only 4-points behind Love with just five months until the election. 

Trump’s approval ratings are hovering around 50% in Utah’s remaining three House Districts:

  • 49% approval in CD1
  • 52% approval in CD2
  • 51% approval in CD3


3/4 of Republicans in our survey say they approve of Trump’s job performance, a number that’s remained virtually unchanged over the past year. Not surprisingly, Utah Democrats despise Trump, with only 2% approving of his job performance. Less than 1/3 of independent voters in Utah support of Trump (29%).

Surprisingly, Trump’s approval rating is above 50% with the more faithful members of the LDS Church, despite several personal scandals, including an affair with an adult film actress. Apparently, they can separate Trump’s personal conduct from his work in office.

  • 61% of “very active” Mormons approve of Trump, while 36% disapprove.
  • 52% of “somewhat active” LDS Church members approve of Trump’s job performance.
  • Only 39% of non-active Mormons approve of Trump, while 62% disapprove.
  • Catholics, Protestants and non-religious Utahns disagree with Trump’s work as president, giving him approval ratings under 50%.

The Dan Jones & Associates survey was conducted June 15-25, 2018 among 615 likely Utah voters. It has a margin of error of 4.0%.