National Headlines 6-12-18

Trump sees ‘new future’ for North Korea, but path unclear (Associated Press)

Supreme Court Gives Green Light To Ohio’s Voter Purges (HuffPost)

Embarrassment for CNN as Chris Cuomo’s new show trounced by MSNBC in anti-Trump smackdown (FOX News)

Barack Obama has reportedly met with several Democratic hopefuls exploring runs against President Trump in 2020 (New York Daily News)

Trump’s 2020 campaign manager calls for CNN’s ‘absolute disgrace,’ Jim Acosta, to lose press credentials (FOX News)

McCaskill admits to using private plane for part of RV tour (CNN)

Proposal to split California into three states will be on November ballot (Washington Times)

Trump’s health chief intensifies attack on drug middlemen, suggests getting rid of rebates (CNBC)

Mitch McConnell makes history as longest serving Senate Republican leader (FOX News)

Fired FBI official Andrew McCabe’s lawyers file suit against FBI, DOJ and its watchdog (FOX News)

Seattle votes to repeal new tax law following pressure by Amazon and other local businesses (CNBC)