Sandy City increases police and fire department compensation for budget year 2018-19


The Sandy City Council approved Mayor Bradburn’s budget proposal to increase the fire department’s compensation for the fiscal budget 2018-19.

This approval comes after the council voted to approve an increase in compensation for the police department last week.

“Competitive compensation for Sandy’s first responders has been a priority for me from day one. I’m proud to say that we have increased compensation for both the Police and Fire departments this budget year. I hope this measure will show our men and women who keep Sandy safe how much we appreciate and value them in our city,” said Mayor Kurt Bradburn. “Sandy has been falling behind for years in offering competitive wages for our first responders. Prioritizing the increased compensation in our budget will help us attract and retain the best personnel in the valley.”

The overall impact to budget for the increased fire department compensation will be approximately $318,000.