Herrod’s pre-primary fundraising lags far behind Curtis

Republican Chris Herrod has raised just over $7,000 for his primary election matchup against Rep. John Curtis.

Herrod’s pre-primary filing with the FEC shows he has taken in $7,522 in donations since launching his campaign against Curtis for the GOP nomination. Curtis defeated Herrod and Tanner Ainge in a three-way primary for the GOP nomination in the 3rd CD special election last year.

Earlier this week, Curtis’s pre-primary financial disclosure showed he had raised more than $130,000 for the primary campaign.

Herrod reported no expenses on his disclosure, which he attributed to a clerical error. He provided a spreadsheet to UtahPolicy.com which showed $16,823 in spending for his campaign. If those figures are accurate, Herrod is running a campaign deficit of $9,300. 

“It wasn’t a very robust campaign as far as money goes. Money was much harder to raise than I expected,” said Herrod in an email. 

Curtis has $55,644 remaining in his campaign coffers.

Our pre-primary poll of likely GOP primary voters gave Curtis a hefty 47-point lead over Herrod. 

Herrod raised eyebrows with a campaign robocall targeting voters in which he reminded them that his name was similar to a Biblical villain.