National Headlines 7-2-18

Facebook’s disclosures under scrutiny as federal agencies join probe of tech giant’s role in sharing data with Cambridge Analytica (Washington Post)

Progressives Deploy Religious Ignorance and Bigotry to Stop Amy Coney Barrett (National Review)

Man allegedly threatens to chop up GOP Sen. Rand Paul’s family with an ax (ABC News)

Did Democrats learn all the wrong lessons from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory? (CNN)

Man Arrested in Cleveland Terror Plot After F.B.I. Sting (New York Times)

Brian Ross out at ABC News months after botched report on Donald Trump, Russia tanked stock market (FOX News)

These Democrats want to abolish ICE (CNN)

White House lashes out at Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren (Politico)

Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo is getting slammed for her friendly interview with Trump (Business Insider)

Illegal immigration dropped as Trump’s zero tolerance policy kicked in (Washington Times)

One of these women could be Trump’s Supreme Court pick (NBC News)